Join hands and hearts and voices…

(Anyone get the reference of the title?)
holding hands

Your Facebook shares and mine, aren’t changing anyone’s mind. Or heart.

On Facebook I have 1049 “friends”. This is weird because often I feel very lonely in the way I think and feel about things.

In this over 1000 people, there are some from the US, some from Africa, Europe, South America, Canada. There are Christians, Jews, Atheists and Agnostics. Some are straight, some are gay. There are a few transgender folks. I know some who are anti-everything but, wouldn’t ever agree with me about that. See there…even anti-my-opinion.

As a challenge I’m only allowed to look at Facebook 1 time per day and I decided to use my blog as a place to land when I want to log on to mindlessly scroll. I realized I was reading a lot of posts, mostly shares from folks who have very strong feelings, passions, ideas about some things and I often was becoming confused and frustrated. I wondered, who is changing their minds by reading this? Even more importantly who is changing their heart because of this meme, or graphic or article?

Studies show: Not one person. (un-scientific, but, if you have a different experience I’d love to hear about it.)

You and I can “say” it’s in the interest of education or entertainment, but it’s not. It’s self serving and passive aggressive.
I have posted articles and quotes many times with certain people in mind. You know what?

Not ONE of those people have reached out to me saying, “oh hey. you’re right. I’m changing my life because of your insensitive political, religious, or otherwise ‘thought provoking’ post”. Never a one.

The thing that changes minds, hearts and lives? Compassion. Concern. Care. Conversation. Love.
We must commit to these things to see change, deepen relationships with those we may not see eye to eye with. Nothing posted on Facebook in the name of “education” is going to build a bridge to the other. If you’ve been paying attention at all, it’s doing quite the opposite. I’m guilty of this and making a pledge to stop posting and start acting.

Will you make that pledge?

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