Slivers of Light

Today TODAY! my lovely Emma will load up and head out for her 5th semester of college. This departure is especially daunting. I’m somewhat used to her leaving, after 2 years away, but this time she’s heading to Ireland. Yes, THAT IRELAND. The one 5000 miles away. You know the old adage…’you never know what you’ve got ’til it’s gone’? I’ve spent the summer enjoying what I have-all my kids living under my roof.

I know these days are short lived. At some point they will move out once and for all (I think). Until then, I will cling to the little moments we have. The days we get to go to lunch together, or grab an ice cream on the way home from somewhere are my favorites. When I get to listen to them make silly jokes that I don’t often get but they try to get me up to speed. These are the sort of everyday things we did when they were little but, didn’t seem to hold so much, and now have become these slivers of light I cling to. These are little pieces of them that remind me of when they were little and had so much ahead of them still. I know I must let go. I must trust that they have the tools to do whatever they choose to do in life. I have to allow the world to see what I see in them and their true purpose to be played out on whatever path they take. My job description as mom has changed dramatically. Where once I was sole source of food, clothing, home and one of the main people pouring into in their lives, now I am a guest and cheering audience member, perhaps an occasional ‘phone a friend’.
holding hands

The slivers of light are comforting to me. I know that whatever comes along, anything that might try to detract from who they were created to be is only a distraction, a momentary shadow. I am confident that the strength they have will shine around the shadows and eventually they will come out of that place and into the full light of their true and whole selves.

My final prayer is that they find “their people”- their tribe. Having at least one or two people you can count on, call upon or who will be there without even asking is my hope for them.

Now, go my little ones, and take on the world. You’ve got this!

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