Private Fitness Training, Programming and Meal Plans and Wellness Coaching

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I am a former amateur figure competitor. I am a fitness trainer at Ojai Valley in Resort and Spa. I train clients privately in their own homes and have distance programming and nutrition clients.

I have 7000+ hours of coaching and training experience ranging from Crossfit group classes, kids PE classes to personal training clients to power lifters. I hold and Evolution Nutrition Certification. I am not a registered dietitian but have access to a team of them for reference.

My goal as a trainer is to get to know you and your personal goals. We will work together to plan a path to those goals that is challenging and fun. Programming for functional fitness is what I’m best at and setting up a nutrition al plan that will help you reach your goals quickly.

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The Goods:

Workout Package or Meal Plans or BOTH! (great for distance clients or those who can facilitate workouts on their own)

Email or phone consultation with goal evaluation and planning.
Weekly workouts with video links.
Unlimited email or text contact.

5 workouts per week: $75/month (20/month)

3 workouts per week: $60/month (12/month)

2 Workouts per week: $50/month (8/month)

‘Month’ begins first day of first workout.

+add meal planning for +$35/month

Meal Planning only: $75/4 weeks

Meal Planning and Shopping: $150 / 4 weeks -2 shopping trips

Private Sessions @ in your home

Strength and Conditioning

In your home 1 on 1 training…

1 Hour $60
12 Hours $600 ($50/hr) Can be 2 or 3 1 hour sessions a week
-Paid in 2 monthly installments of $300

or $30 for 30 minutes, minimum package 24 sessions
(Group session rates available upon request, max. 4 ppl.)

Wedding Day Prep

Do you need to shed a few pounds before the big day? Want a more defined look in your beautiful gown? I’m here to help you get that!

3 month package- $1000

Meal Planning and 4 Workouts a Week (I am not a dietitian, and will only advise over phone, email or in person-when applicable support.)
Program 4 workouts a week with one ½ hour phone consult, and text check ins often.

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