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Saturday wod – Group class 5/19

Strength Strict Weighted Pull-ups; 2 reps x 5 sets; every 2 minutes :I did 2 reps @ 5#, on the last set went up to 10# but should have done 8# first. Only could do 1 at 10#. Conditioning 1.5 min – AMRAP Hand-Release Push-ups Score: 25 rest 1.5 min 2 min – AMRAP Kettlebell […]

Gettin’ Filthy

It’s been a busy week and a busy weekend was planned but got rained out. Sadly…we were supposed to go to San Diego for a rowing race. This week’s workouts were kind of a roller coaster. Tuesday, my heart was not in it but I finished. 15,10,5 rep rounds for time: Squat Clean – 75# […]

Obesession or dedication?

Ever since I began to do this thing called Crossfit, I’ve wanted to do one of these… Mine does not look as pretty, but keep in mind, I’ve only done one. Camille has done hundreds, I suspect. Here’s mine, 3 years in the making…and I did lock out at the end but the video cut […]

Cyber Monday Fitness Deals

Check out these deals on Again Faster! Inov8 Shoes, gymnastics grips and a speed jump rope for $100!!! Plus free shipping A 16 kg kettlebell and a speed jump rope for $70! Also free shipping. There are a few more amazing deals for the fitness geek in your life…or yourself!

I Almost Ran a Marathon Part 2

Hey, I’m back to finish this story. You’ve been frantically refreshing until this moment, huh? If you have followed my blog for a little while you know that I competed in “figure” which we always called “bodybuilding light”. Really it’s for us girls who don’t have excessive testosterone flowing and don’t want to get itby […]

Mobility Magic

About 6 months in to my Crossfit “career” I hurt my back. We did some Snatch wod and I was certainly not very good at form in the early days. So, I cranked my back. I can’t remember who sent it to me but I got an email from someone with a link to San […]

The Walk of Life

If you can remember the “Dire Straits” and their song “The Walk of Life” you might also remember that the lyrics are ridiculous. I keep thinking of the line “hand me down my walking shoes”. I have memories of shoes, not many, but three distinct ones from high school. The Boot I had a marvelous […]

“Lumberjack 20″ Done!

20 Deadlifts @ 185# 400 m run 20 KBS 53# 400 m run 20 OHS 75# 400 m run 20 Burpees 400 m run 20 Pull Ups 400 m run 20 Box Jumps 400 m run 20 DB Squat Cleans 25# (actual 15#) 400 m run Everything was RX’d until I hit the squat cleans […]

Food is fun!

I tried something new today and thought you might like to know about it. I put Silk Coconut Milk in my coffee. Now, I’ve had coconut “creamer” in my coffee- it’s delicious, but this is just coconut milk. I’ve been using Almond milk for some time and since I LOVE (kisshuggsmooshface) coconut; I tried this. […]

Too Busy To Workout Part 3

The latest installment in the quest to add fitness to a busy life. Click Here: Too Busy To Workout Part 3 A study in what stops us from working out and one thing that can make the change.