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Dear Moxiemama : Kitchen Nightmare

Dear Moxiemama, I’m struggling with making dinner each night. I hate it. But, my kids keep wanting to eat and apparently that’s my job…to feed them and make sure they stay alive. I need dinner ideas! Please help! Sincerely, Kitchen Nightmare Dear Kitchen, Can I call you Kitchen? I can see how the low moans […]

Family Night: Art Project

It’s been a while since I’ve posted about family night. Honestly we got a little lax in our creativity. Also, stuff’s expensive so we had to set a budget for the night limiting us a bit. This week, I got the idea to do a craft when Emma asked to go to Michaels. Jackpot! So […]

Family Night: Japanese Style

My Emma is a creative little one and pays attention to detail. I’m pretty sure a lot of this comes from dad. For her family night, she chose to use her Japanese Anime Cookbook and go full on Asian style! We ate Teriyaki Chicken, Potato veggie balls and rice with seaweed and Mochi for dessert. […]

Bikes, Sammiches & Gnomeo

On family nights we try to be creative and yet put our own personality into the activities. It was mom’s night (that’s me!). I chose riding our bikes to the park. We don’t ride them much and on my previous family nights were derived from exhaustion…i.e. “let’s watch a move” translated to me falling asleep […]