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We met in 1993, he was 18 I was 23. We were married in 1995, only 5 days before he turned 20. By January I was pregnant with our first baby and off on a journey of a lifetime. As we enter the part of our lives where kids become adults -driving, college, significant others […]

Parenting a Teen: 5 (new) Tips

I will NEVER disparage a teen. I cringe and feel sad when people say the word “teenager” with disdain or negative feeling in their tone. I am partial at this moment because two of my own children are teens, 14 and 15. But, even before this I never understood the utter disrespect for a whole […]

5 Insider Tips to Parenting Kids of All Ages

I toyed with calling this post “Things I wish someone told me” but “Insider Tips” sounds more official and like I could charge money for this. But I won’t. It’s free. You’re welcome. Here we go. 1. Teaching a kid to sleep is highest on the priority list. Bonding with your baby is a bunch […]

How’s your flossing, and did you put on clean underwear today?

So, I got my teeth cleaned today. It’s been a year and honest to God I did not think it had been that long. Ever since the “deep cleaning incident” of 2000, I have been pretty religious about going. Not to mention a horrific root canal to give a nice swift kick to the tookus […]

The Beauty of It

I’m posting from my phone! How cool am I? Yeah I’m on the late freight but at least I got here. I’m at Lake Casitas on carpool duty again and it has gotten blustery. It makes me think of a woman standing somewhere in a midwestern field, her skirts blowing around her ankles as she […]

Looking for a Rayne-bow

Cheesy title I know, but I can’t resist! I wanted to give you an up date on our beautiful Rayne. Rayne’s mommy and daddy asked me to stay the night with her on Thursday and I was blessed to do so. If I didn’t have to work the next day I would have stayed up […]

Pray for Rayne

One month and two days ago this lovely creature was born…my great-niece, Rayne Estelle. This precious angel was a long time coming. Her daddy and mommy (my nephew and niece) went through countless tests, treatments and types of infertility probing. After 5 years, God chose to send her. I had the distinct honor and privilege […]