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Whole Life Fricken’ Challenge

Update: 39 days left…so if I hang in there it will be like winning Survivor but without the 1 million at the end. More like $20. Today the scale is up and my measurements are the same this is day 18. I feel like I should see more progress than this. Hopefully it’s internal and […]

Journey Towards Joy: Body

And by tomorrow…I meant in a week. Ooops! So this brings me to how I wanted to start by saying…my work schedule has been very unpredictable. This is ok, but hard to plan things in advance. Sure does keep me on my toes and make me creative about scheduling laundry and working out and such. […]

Fearing Pirates, Trusting God

I’m a mom of 3 teenagers…17 year old son. 16 year old daughter and 13 year old son. I’ve posted a lot about them through the years- about 9 years blogging I think. A lot has happened over that time. We have moved about 3 times, the oldest had several surgeries and almost died once […]

Monday MOM Musings

This week (Thursday) my eldest child turns 16. SIXTEEN, people! I have mixed emotions about this and by mixed I mean 3% excited for him and 97% FREAKING out. I sense this year brings many changes for him. He’s on the verge of driving…in a car…by himself- without me to put my arm across him […]

Monday Moxie Musings

It’s hard not to trip out on how my kids are growing up and the changes they are going through. When you carry a human in your belly and then one day they are suddenly taller than you, it’s fairly trippy. See what I mean with hugeness of these three??!! I relived a little of […]


We met in 1993, he was 18 I was 23. We were married in 1995, only 5 days before he turned 20. By January I was pregnant with our first baby and off on a journey of a lifetime. As we enter the part of our lives where kids become adults -driving, college, significant others […]

I Almost Ran a Marathon Part 2

Hey, I’m back to finish this story. You’ve been frantically refreshing until this moment, huh? If you have followed my blog for a little while you know that I competed in “figure” which we always called “bodybuilding light”. Really it’s for us girls who don’t have excessive testosterone flowing and don’t want to get itby […]

How’s your flossing, and did you put on clean underwear today?

So, I got my teeth cleaned today. It’s been a year and honest to God I did not think it had been that long. Ever since the “deep cleaning incident” of 2000, I have been pretty religious about going. Not to mention a horrific root canal to give a nice swift kick to the tookus […]

’71 was a very good year!

40 years of awesome. Me, and… Starbucks! And it opened only two days after I was born!

5 Things I Was Reminded of Today

1. I can always do more than I think I can. ( Usually applies to working out- but can also easily be applied to life in general.) 2. If I wait too long to eat, it feels like my stomach is being ripped out through my bellybutton. 3. I get my feelings hurt when I […]