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Journey towards Joy: Spirit

It’s so interesting being in my 40′s. As I get older sometimes I think I was pretending at really living and now, I truly want to DIG in and LIVE. I’m cherishing friendships and excited to meet new people. I’m caring for my body, not just working out but really thinking about where I want […]

Dear Moxiemama : Kitchen Nightmare

Dear Moxiemama, I’m struggling with making dinner each night. I hate it. But, my kids keep wanting to eat and apparently that’s my job…to feed them and make sure they stay alive. I need dinner ideas! Please help! Sincerely, Kitchen Nightmare Dear Kitchen, Can I call you Kitchen? I can see how the low moans […]

I don’t like roller coasters.

I’m posting this in frustration and utter exhaustion. I don’t really like roller coasters. I used to, but then I got old and had vertigo and now I’m just a spinny mess if I try to ride one. The kids have had finals this week and it’s a first for us. Since the two older […]

Truth Revealed: Eating Healthy is not easy.

Ok, I’m going to put it to you straight, eating healthy is hard. Cookies taste good and make my brain think happy thoughts. Broccoli dose not taste good and makes me pretty much sad. I wash it down with water. I wash cookies down with…more cookies! I know someone who would be on my team. […]

Wednesday Workout

I haven’t had a surplus of time to writes posts and with picture editing and stuff, it takes some time to make a post not look cheesy. A couple of weeks ago, I had one more day to workout before going on a trip and I was in between programs. (I have an awesome coach […]

Tuesday Tip

Make house work go by a little easier with…AUDIOBOOKS! I really don’t like dishes, and laundry and scrubbing toilets. Does anyone? Over the years it has been a great help to listen to a good book whilst tackling these chores. Audible is a great paid source, but I know there are free ones out there, […]

Food is fun!

I tried something new today and thought you might like to know about it. I put Silk Coconut Milk in my coffee. Now, I’ve had coconut “creamer” in my coffee- it’s delicious, but this is just coconut milk. I’ve been using Almond milk for some time and since I LOVE (kisshuggsmooshface) coconut; I tried this. […]

Too Busy To Workout Part 3

The latest installment in the quest to add fitness to a busy life. Click Here: Too Busy To Workout Part 3 A study in what stops us from working out and one thing that can make the change.

Too Busy To Workout Part 2

Alright you busy bees…here is part 2. I’ve offered a series of three movements with descriptions and a video demonstration. I’ve put the video here, but the workout is in the PDF so you will have to go get that. The video is linked there as well. This is a great series of body weight […]

Too Busy to Workout? Say no more!

You there! I’m talking to you! Just stop for a minute and listen, please. I can help! During the last few months of school, I added some hours to my work schedule and found myself entirely too busy, stressed and exhausted to work out most days. I confess that I have always had a strong […]