10 Minute Guided Stretch Video

I love getting to guide a stretch class for my work. What a privilege. Try it out and tell me how it goes. What would you like to see added?



Powerlifting Meet circa 2014

I might be afraid of sleep. Or afraid of losing control of my time I’m awake, or maybe I’m just a whacko and let my mind spin in circles.

I didn’t sleep much last night and I committed to being at the gym by 6. So, of course my restless legs were in full effect and I was thinking about how I hadn’t participated in a Crossfit WOD in a while. But, I made it there, completed the workout and I survived. I’m so thankful for my friends Denise and Theresa for being there to suffer with me. That’s really one of the best parts. Working out beside people who cheer you on and high five you along the way, and feel your pain. I’ve definitely missed that.

Is the Crossfit break over? We shall see…

It made me think of THIS POST – Dreaming of Crossfit. Those first years of Crossfit were pretty intense.

And this one - GRAY makes me proud that I’m still pushing and working at being the best me, but now…at 45, I’m A LOT more relaxed about it.

In case you care, here’s the workout we did today.

5×3 Bench Press (33X3 Tempo)
*During this Time complete 200 Band Tricep Ext
For Time:
20 Thrusters 75/55
200m Run
20 Sumo Deadlift High Pulls
200m Run
20 Hang Squat Cleans
200m Run
20 Push Press
200m Run
20 Power Snatches
200m Run
20 OverHead Squats
200m Run
20 Thrusters.


I haven’t done a “proper” Crossfit workout since March.

I’m going tomorrow. I may die. If you don’t hear from me in a couple of days – check around C Street Crossfit. I’ll probably be laying in a ditch nearby.

I’ll just imagine I’m working out with Leo. That will help, right?


Back to Basics

This morning I was reading some old blog posts..like when I FIRST started blogging in 2006…yes, THAT long ago.

I realized I liked what I wrote. It was basic and what I was going through. Then FaceBook stole me. Now, I’m trying so hard to come up with something deep, witty and poingnant that I end up writing nothing. Lame.

So here I am.
Going to blog and just be ME!

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Journey Towards Joy: Body

And by tomorrow…I meant in a week. Ooops!

So this brings me to how I wanted to start by saying…my work schedule has been very unpredictable. This is ok, but hard to plan things in advance. Sure does keep me on my toes and make me creative about scheduling laundry and working out and such.

The cool thing is that is makes me creative about my use of time. I have a membership at a regular gym, which I use and I like a lot, but it also has given me the freedom to try new things.

For example, I have attended 2 spin classes- SUPER fun. I have been able to work out with my kids. One kid is a track athlete and has gotten me on the track for sprints.

AND, after 5 years of wanting to try, but never being able to hit the schedule right, I checked out Rowing (Crew for you East Coasters or Brits). I was pretty nervous. Pulling on a ERG is similar but not…and then…

This happened.

It wasn’t as scary as I thought but I did feel very pressured not to screw up…even though we only stroked a total of about 40 times. It’s definitely a cool feeling and I’d like to give it some more time. Gliding across the water feels amazing.

My encouragement is to TRY SOMETHING…anything. If you want to keep your body moving, you have to find something or things you like or enjoy. And that can change, and that’s ok. Don’t get to your 80′s and be full of “I wish I had” or “I shouldas”.

I don’t hate Crossfit, I’m just trying new things. And you should, too. Exercise shouldn’t be a drudgery.
Now get out there…

With Love, and Burpees!

Journey towards Joy: Spirit


It’s so interesting being in my 40′s.

As I get older sometimes I think I was pretending at really living and now, I truly want to DIG in and LIVE.

I’m cherishing friendships and excited to meet new people.

I’m caring for my body, not just working out but really thinking about where I want this shell to take me for at least 40 more years.

I’m feeding my spirit and my soul.

Today I spent some time in meditation and quieted my and listened to my heart. My sacred word I focused on was Joy. Joy has always been one of my favorite words. It supersedes happy. Happy is circumstantial. Joy has depth and fills my cells. Even in really crappy times, joy doesn’t fade. It’s not necessarily a smile or excited body language, but deep knowledge that everything will be ok. After the storm, there will be sunshine. It gives me hope that through pain and suffering…when everything is dark and seemingly hopeless, if we can quiet ourselves and pull from deep within, the joy is there.

I encourage you to quiet yourself daily, for even just 10 minutes. Find a quiet spot, or use headphones and hide in the closet, if the littles are going crazy. There are a million guided meditation mp3′s and You Tubes. Some are prayer and some are self-reflective, there are lots to choose from. They are especially helpful if you have a hard time focusing on your own and your mind wanders, as I do. Give your spirit a boost. As you replenish your own soul, you are now able to give to others in need of hope and encouragement. And couldn’t we all use a little help from our friends now and then?

With love and burpees.

Check back for tomorrow’s post: Journey towards Joy: Body
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Two things that may be killing your metabolism and fat loss.

I’ve noticed in my 40′s that my metabolism has slowed. And it wasn’t a gradual thing. It was like an all out sudden slam of the brakes.

duck pass

(Mammoth Lakes, Duck Pass Hike 2013)

I had gained a little weight when I decided to power lift but, I just figured that went along with the style of training. Maybe a little, but then it kept going up. I mean not like 100 pounds or anything but I’m pretty sure I weighed more than I ever have…even during pregnancy.

So I began to research and found the two things that I really lack. My diet wasn’t terrible. I only eat dessert or sweets occasionally and keep the bread to a minimum.

Are you ready…?

Here they are:

1. Lack of planning
2. Waiting too long between “meals”.

I know from the time I did figure shows, eating every 3 hours maximum was a requirement. But, I forgot why. The main thing with figure and body building diets is to keep the fires burning ALL the time. The only way to do that is give the machine fuel. You don’t wait until your car dies on the freeway to decide to gas it up, at least not on purpose. Why do we do this to our bodies?

So, as I regroup, I know my lack of planning sucks. Two things I hate: shopping and cooking. Great. That’s helpful for planning ahead. So, what I do is make it as easy as possible for myself. I buy easy, clean foods. Apples, berries, almond butter, sliced deli meats or chicken sausage (no nitrates), ground beef, green beans, jicama, nuts, sprouted grain bagels, whole oats…the list goes on. While I do have to bag up, or cut some things- generally it’s all grab and eat. My kind of cooking. This leads to #2. IfI havn’t planned, then I’m unprepared for the next meal and I don’t want to try to think of something to make.

So, comes…

Waiting too long to eat. I’m pretty sure starvation diets only work if you starve A LONG time. And who is going to do that?

In order to burn stored fat, your body needs the fuel and nutrition to run itself. If I decide to eat a nice breakfast at 8 and then oops! forgot to eat again until 3, I’m in starvation mode. So, my body starts reserving the fat it has and burning muscle to survive. Then, I’m SO hungry I stuff whatever n my face I can as fast as I can…ANYTHING will do. So, I’m not really fueling my machine. I’m pouring sugar or alcohol or whatever into my gas tank. Curbing the immediate hunger but not giveing my metabolism anything to work with. Plus, now my body has to work to purify the crap out of it and really can’t be bothered to burn fat, most likely using some of that crap to store a little more fat for further instances of my stupid eating choices.

Let’s wrap this up.

Prepare what you need for at least 3 days in advance. Make it easy on yourself. Use a crock pot, freeze extras, or buy things that you can throw in a container and go. Sometimes it doesn’t work out the way you thought…I usually have a shake on hand or a bar (use sparingly) for emergencies.

Make yourself eat something between 2-3 hours apart, even if your hunger signals aren’t going off. That’s usually a good sign. By the time your stomach is telling you to eat, it’s probably too late and bad choices are about to happen. A handful of nuts and a half of an apple is better than waiting hours and eating a double double burger with animal fries and a shake.

One last thought, if this is new for you, don’t stress about WHAT your eating as much as having a plan and eating SOMETHING at regular intervals.

With Love and Burpees,

There is hope.


Some days I feel old. Like, I know I’m really not, but dang it…it seems like I should know what I’m doing with my life.

I have a new opportunity to branch out from my usual circle and broaden my reach. I’m excited and scared all at once. It’s kind of like a moment of truth. Do I actually have any knowledge at all?

I hope so.

WE shall see.

Stepping out from the safe zone…



I’m healthy. As far as I know.

I’ve been doing some version of Crossfit since 2008. I’m not gonna water it down, I miss the Crossfit of 2008. But, that’s not my point here.

I’ve been trying some other fitness venues, just to change it up. I was asked today, “have you gotten hurt doing Crossfit”. Sigh. Why is this the only thing non-Crossfitters know about Crossfit? I decided to answer like this,

“No, I have never been hurt, because I’m not stupid. I know when my body tells me something is sketchy, I stop. I go lighter, I do something else. Often, not always, people who get injured, don’t listen to their bodies. They push themselves past their ability or knowledge. They don’t allow coaches to coach them. They serve the ego over the education. I can’t afford to be injured. The one time I had an issue, I stopped. I lightened up. I did yoga for a month.”

So, am I trying to make you do Crossfit? NO. I don’t care if you do Crossfit or even LIKE Crossfit. You just need to be smart. If you like Zumba, you go do Zumba. Be smart. I bet someone has sprained their ankle doing Zumba. Do you like basketball? Be smart. I’ve heard a time or two someone has blown out a knee playing basketball. And on and on…

If you want to get fit, you have to enjoy what you are doing…at least a little bit.
Crossfit people have a saying,”It doesn’t have to be fun to be fun.”
I disagree. Why would I keep doing something that ruins my day?

I like the saying much better…”Become comfortable with the uncomfortable.”
Even when it’s difficult, you keep going.
That’s how you grow.

If you don’t like where you are going, do something different. Take a risk. So, you might fall on your face. GET. BACK. UP. You might cry, or scream or bleed. That’s ok. No one is going to fight for you harder than you.

As long as you have breath in your lungs, you didn’t die.

Shake it off.
Move forward.

I’m here. In my stretchy pants.

The holidays happened. It’s not like we have a choice whether December 25th comes. We can embrace it or ignore it or even some level in between.


I embraced it. At least the gluttony was on level 11. I’m not sure where this post is going exactly but I will tell you this, I’m getting over it.

Does anyone else really care that I ate my weight in snickerdoodles? Most likely, no. It’s my butt on the line here.

Literally. On the line of “will it squeeze into the jeans I formerly could call my ‘fat’ jeans”.

The thing I know, is that I’m healthy. Even if I’m not at the weight that makes me breathe a sigh of relieve because no, I didn’t sledgehammer my scale. And, yes, I do step on it from time to time. I know I’ll pull it back in and stop eating sleeves of Ritz at 3 pm. (I’m not making this up, although I wish I was.) I always learn a little about myself during these times and that’s good.

This time I learned that I need outside support. I need my husband and my friends to say “hey, put down the gummy bears and get a grip”.

Ok, let’s do this. Back on track. It’s a lifestyle, right? And the last few weeks have been a lifestyle full of family and friends. It’s not all about that bass, Meghan. Life would be super boring without some treble.

There is a time and a season for everything.

Much Love,