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Cyber Monday Fitness Deals

Check out these deals on Again Faster! Inov8 Shoes, gymnastics grips and a speed jump rope for $100!!! Plus free shipping A 16 kg kettlebell and a speed jump rope for $70! Also free shipping. There are a few more amazing deals for the fitness geek in your life…or yourself!

The Will to Survive

Crossfit Games 2010 – World’s Fittest For me the Crossfit Games is something that is now on my calendar, so to speak. There really is no decision whether or not I’ll go. Last year was amazing, but this year was beyond belief. Many people complained about the locale seeing as how it wasn’t “dirty” enough. […]

CrossFit: 2009/10/09

Max Effort: 5-5-5 reps of Deadlift @ 0 lbs : 170 WOD completed As Rx’d then, AMRAP in 10 minutes… Power Clean (85#) I tried the 95# RX’d but it was just a little too heavy. Muscle Up (subbed 3 PU/3Dip) 48 Reps (mostly cleans)

CrossFit: 2009/10/07: Fight Gone Bad

Benchmark: Fight Gone Bad Score: 192 WOD completed As Rx’d Notes: last time I scored198 doing wall balls at 9ft. this time at 10 ft. while my wall balls are still lacking, I did a lot better than I thought I would. more box jumps next time.